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Why they chose us!
Why you should choose us!

Read the love we receive from our students

As a student I was always keen on learning new languages. Akanksha made learning easy and relatable. The wordplay and activities helped build my vocabulary and was fun. She is best at explaining the grammar concepts we were scared of. HOL is cool place to learn languages the fun way.

The playful way in which concepts were taught by Pooja mam was amazing. She helped in solving doubts of grammar many times and also with revision in different ways.

Mam your teaching way is nice and different. even if mistakes are made, they are corrected in a nice way and confidence is also built.

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I have been learning German at HOL since 11th std. HOL  helped me be confident and fluent in German. They also helped me with college applications and CV buildup for German universities. HOL helped me cover all sections from B@ with clear explanations. This helped me a lot at my university in germany.

I did not know learning German was so much fun and easy until Akanksha from House of Languages was my trainer. She makes language easier for you, I would recommend students of all ages to take up courses here and learn the language.

Speaking skills are regularly taken and that is important from exam point of view. It helps in building a foundation also.

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