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Hey there!!
I am Pooja Inamke, your German trainer. I am a Psychologist, too. Weird, is it? Not so much. But trust me, it works like magic! If you don't believe me, read the feedback here.  I have completed my B2.1, and I have been a German language trainer for 7 years. In these 7 years, I have taken German batches, taught incorporates, and successfully sent more than 50 students to Germany for further education.


I am Akanksha Kharse, the foreign language trainer, translator, and counselor, the dynamic polyglot extraordinaire! With a passion for languages that knows no bounds, I have dedicated the past 8 years to mastering and sharing the intricacies of German, English, and French. Hailing from India, my journey began with an insatiable curiosity for the world's diverse cultures and tongues. Fuelled by a relentless pursuit of linguistic excellence, I have traversed continents, honing my skills through immersive experiences in Germany and France, thanks to prestigious scholarships. Armed with a deep understanding of language nuances and cultural sensitivities, I try to embody the essence of a true language connoisseur.

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