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Pocket Courses

Are you interested in German or French? Do you want to prepare for the Language exam? Or even if you just want a quick brush up on your Language skills.

We have it all!

Welcome dear language enthusiasts as we introduce to you our Pocket Courses.
We have launched our new course and we have something for everyone.

This course will include 3 types of mini courses in it:

A quick revision mini course for all those who need a quick brush up or wanting to revise their German or French.

Book on Table

Revision Course

If you have learned German or French a while ago or are in need of better preparation for your language exam, then this is a perfect option for you.


Exam Prep Course

A perfect pack for everyone who is interested in German or French, want to know more about it, or just in need of learning basic conversational skills.




So why the wait? Grab this exciting opportunity now!

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